Welcome to Caldwell Campaign Website

Thank you for visiting my campaign page! With your support, I look forward to the possibility of serving you as the next Circuit Court Judge of Wicomico County, Maryland. I have practiced law in the Maryland and Federal courts for over thirty years. A substantial part of my law practice involves legal issues that come before the various courts in the State of Maryland on a regular basis, before both judges and juries. Zealous advocacy requires intensive preparation, thoughtful analysis and the mastering of trial skills so that your client’s position is well presented to the judge or jury. I believe I have mastered these traits of hard work and have the experience necessary to fairly administer justice and to run a courtroom.

The Circuit Court for Wicomico County had three full time judges until recently when the state legislature finally established and funded a fourth circuit court judicial seat, assigned to Wicomico County. The Legislature stipulated that this new Circuit Court judge would also serve part-time as a judge in the Circuit Court for Dorchester County.

I applied for this newly created judicial position and participated in the entire application process. After submitting an extensive application and being interviewed and considered by the various specialty bar associations and the MSBA, recommendations were forwarded to the Judicial Nominating Commission (JNC). The JNC created a short list to send to the governor and included my name as one of those to be considered by the governor. Following the Governor's appointment of my opponent, I felt that it was my civic duty to enter the race for Circuit Court Judge so the citizens of Wicomico County have the opportunity to support someone with stronger qualifications – particularly when it comes to trial experience – for the position.

I believe that I have the experience, legal skills and qualities to fulfill this position and appreciate your support.