Welcome to Nick, Inc.

Nick, Inc. is a locally owned Salisbury, Md. company that specializes in providing physicians and medical professionals medical transcription health information management for a multiple of medical fields. Nick, Inc. operates an innovative digital system that is available to health professionals 24 hours a day and brings them accurate reports within 24 hours of dictation.

Nick, Inc. offers transcription for most aspects of medical communication from everyday SOAP and diagnostic procedures notes to letters, medical histories, physicals, and insurance related correspondence including IME's and peer reviews. STAT dictation is offered with a 9 hour turnaround time.

Nick, Inc. has recently extended their services to include document scanning. Specializing in conversions of hard copy paper documents into easily stored and accessed digital images, the company focuses on identifying the most cost effective way for its customers to operate in a "paperless" environment.

Need properly transcribed reports? Why pay the higher prices of a full-time employee or make the lengthy time commitment to train a computer to recognize your voice? Don't have the large initial investment cost to buy the technology needed? Cut through the red tape and call Nick, Inc. today.