Legal Experience


  • Highly Recommended for Wicomico County Circuit Court: Maryland State Bar Association
  • Thirty years of Circuit Court trial experience
  • Legal areas: family, domestic, criminal, personal injury, property, juvenile law
  • Extensive experience in corporate, estate, and real estate law, trial evidence and procedure

Chronological Legal Employment

  • December 1983 to December 1986: Associate attorney with law firm of of Hearne & Bailey, P.A., 126 East Main Street, Salisbury, Maryland 21801
  • December 1986 to November 1989: Partner in law firm of Broughton & Caldwell, P.A., 241 West Main Street, Salisbury, Maryland 21801.
  • November 1989 to November 1992: Partner in law firm of Caldwell & Vinyard, P.A., 128 East Main Street, Salisbury, Maryland 21801.
  • November 1992 to Present: Partner at law firm of Caldwell & Whitehead, P.A., 109 Camden Street, Salisbury, Maryland 21801.

I have practiced law in the Maryland and Federal courts for over thirty years. A substantial part of my law practice involves legal issues that come before the various courts in the State of Maryland on a regular basis, before both judges and juries. Zealous advocacy requires intensive preparation, thoughtful analysis and the mastering of trial skills so that your client’s position is well presented to the judge or jury. I believe I have mastered these traits of hard work and have the experience necessary to fairly administer justice and to run a courtroom.

All of the trials with which I have assisted my clients are very significant to the clients (especially those accused of criminal wrong-doing with the commensurate deprivation of liberty). My litigation practice has been varied in that I have handled numerous cases, including the following areas of law: property line/quiet title to real estate; construction defects; divorce and child custody; criminal and serious traffic; contract disputes; personal injury and automobile accidents; juvenile proceedings; foreclosures; appeals to the Maryland appellate courts; and many other areas of the law.